FORNAX F55 Hot Air Generator

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Fornax F45 45KW – Teknodm

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Usage areas

• Restaurants
• Cafes
• Dining halls
• Spaces Covered with Glass, with Opening and Closing Awning System
• Sports, Fitness, Pilates Halls etc.
Canteens, Wedding Halls and Similar Facilities

Installation Instructions


Installation procedures are the same as in standard procedures. There are no extreme and complex operations. You can have the installation process done by any natural gas company. If you want us to do the installation, this process is done with an additional fee.


Heating Principle

Burned hot gases in hot air generators that automatically ignite natural gas or LPG and burn atmospheric, are passed through the inside of Fornax patented pipe and thrown out. Ambient air is blown on the pipes heated by the gases passing through it by means of the fan at the rear, and this air is heated with the energy it receives from the exchangers and pressed into the environment. Wall hung Fornax series hot air generators use direct air-to-air heating technology, so they do not have contact with any liquid.


• Perfect Combustion
• High Efficiency up to 89%
• Choosing the Working Day and Time
• Operation / Failure Function Tracking
• Easy assembling
• Full Safety Hermetic Operation
Thermostatic or Temporal Operation Option
• Summer Mode

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